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He Has Failed with The HTC Facebook First and with Facebook Home?

He Has Failed with The HTC Facebook First and with Facebook Home?
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That seems, of course. The presentation with fanfare makes just a month of the First HTC and Facebook Home created a great expectation, but at this time there have been several clear signs that both solutions just don’t materialize.

The arrival of the meta-lanzador of Facebook has probably been a hard blow for developers of social network, have been found with endless criticisms about this tool. But it is the move of the First HTC also seems to have gone wrong, as shown by the latest decision by AT & T.

The First HTC to balance price

The first clear indication of the disappointing interest that have generated these releases is in the recent decision by AT & T, the American operator which began selling the First HTC.

So, while this mobile began selling a $99 with a two-year service contract, the operator decided a few days ago modify the offer and offering the First HTC only 99 cents -keeping, that Yes, the contract of two years -.

The smartphone manufactured by HTC is not at all a bad device, and in fact it’s even more interesting to Americans for LTE networks support, but aspects such as its only 5 Mpixel camera or the very presence of the criticized Facebook Home are aspects that analysts have stood against.

Facebook Home continues to reap bad reviews

Meanwhile, the acceptance of Facebook Home has gone from bad to worse. This application that hides the rest of the Android experience It has generated plenty of criticism for that role too protagonist in terminals where it is supported (officially in a few, informally in many more).

Just 10 days after leaving the market, Facebook Home already confirmed its poor reception by users of Android. And a month later this assessment has not only confirmed, with one average grade of 2.2 points out of possible 5 Google Play and with more than half of users by assigning only one star to this tool.

The number of downloads – just pass the barrier of one million – Facebook Home nor it is remarkable, and this is also a bad sign for a solution that should theoretically be interested at a much higher percentage of members of the social network, which, let us remember, It has nearly one billion users around the world.

Does salvation Facebook Home?

Facebook has many resources and future updates of Facebook Home could correct some of the problems of this “invasive” – at least for now–pitcher of Facebook, but his own philosophy – to become mobile experience on the social network center – seems difficult to do a conversion one tool more in line with the criticisms of users.

The social network developers would have to take a step back and rethink the application, something that perhaps if would convince those Facebook users who want to have their experience Android as the protagonist, and access to Facebook as one option, not as the only apparently available when they pressed the button on their smartphones.

In terms of the First HTC, the problem lies precisely in the bad reviews Facebook Home has received. Given that now practically any mobile Android’s latest batch-based you can access Facebook Home, does not seem that priori performance can convince us users at the moment, especially considering the powerful competition having this terminal.

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