Halloween Clothing for Dogs

Owners may think that it’s fun to dress their pets in Halloween, but experts say that the animal can get stressed out and feel uncomfortable in a suit

Approaching the night of Halloween and some owners are encouraged to dress up their dogs and cats. For some people, characterize your pets can be a fun experience, but what about the dog in this respect? This article discusses this issue and increasing fever dress-furry House tenants, which increases in countries like United States.

A Halloween of dogs and cats

Dog Halloween Parade brings together in New York hundreds of pets each year

It Lula, a patient dog of breed French bulldog is dressed as if he were a gymnast Olympic (including a dog bandana on his head and a blonde wig). The Fluffy dog, on the other hand, wears a dress of Princess, tight pink, and voluminous ruffles around.

Both are a very special Halloween Parade participants: which celebrates the city of New York, and who has already been named as the Halloween dog parade (Dog Halloween Parade). The event manages to bring together hundreds of canine participants dressed up every year.

“If we were in Spain, the dogs would go dressed as characters from movies or some superhero like Batman or Superman”, says Roberto Domínguez, Manager of Petwithsupplies costume, a large store dresses, masks and party costumes where it is possible to characterize as almost any character that crosses the imagination.

Why spend millions of euros on costumes for dogs?

Image: Pets Adviser

Fever dress up dogs and cats on Halloween does not reach in Spain the dimensions it has acquired in other countries. Americans spent about 273 million euros in Halloween costumes for your pets during 2012, 40% more than in 2010. Look in perspective, the figure is relevant: US citizens. UU they spend only three times more on costumes for children than it invests in dresses for their dogs and cats.

In Spain, the phenomenon of dress dogs for Halloween yet slashing these dimensions. The explanation, according to Dominguez, is a matter of proportions. “While the U.S. more than 70% of the people dress to celebrate the night of Halloween, in Spain just 15% is disguised as designated as the Carnival event”, he said. And If the owner is disguised, it will be also easier to opt for characterizing your dog.

However, in Spanish factories of costumes , costumes of werewolf child, the evil Freddy Krueger and vampire already share shelf with others designed exclusively for pets. Something almost unthinkable only a few years ago.

Like dogs dress up? Not so, say experts

Dress-up is not a cause for celebration for the dog, but a disconcerting experience

Dress the dog on Halloween can be nice for the owner. But what about the dog in this respect? Canine behavior experts warn that the animal can get stressed out and feel uncomfortable in a suit. “” Put a costume a dog is happily ignore the canine essence”, says Alexandra Horowitz, canine ethologist and author of ‘inside the dog: what the dog looks, smells and tastes” (Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, Scribner, 2010) in an interview with ‘The New Yorker’.

Humanize the dog, as a result, may have some dangers: dressing up is not a festive can cause but, rather, a disconcerting experience. However, Horowitz admits to be characterized may not always be a torture for the animal: “dog accomplishes something valuable, capture our attention; and, with safety, an extra ration Awards edible canines and fondling by the owner”.