Greenery: See Looks To Match The Color Of 2017

For 2017, the Pantone pointed out some color a bit strange, but that’s a nice Association that makes us want to see her with recurrence in different combinations. It’s the greenery, a striking green associated with hope for better days – and they come, please.

The color, Pantone, I bet main emerged in runways like Gucci, Givenchy starry, Michael Kors, but is really the star street style, scoring presence in collections of smaller brands that translate immediately, today’s wishes.

From now on, we believe that the color will be seen in more collections, as has happened with the marsala and pink quartz, other notes from Pantone. Here, we give tips on how to combine this Green lit from 2017. Come with us!

Skirt + shirt + bodie azul-bebê + neutral + neutral bag sandals

Here one of the most sophisticated combinations with the greenery, accompanied by the most different neutral tones. Combine the Green impact with various light colours, such as blue, beige, white, faded ash, nudes. A fancy way to soften the presence of green, perfect for the desktop. Therefore, greenery with subtle is always welcome.

Skirt + shirt emblazoned + casaqueto + bag + color colored colorful shoe

Another way to use the greenery is overlap striking tones, making the Green almost a supporting role before a quite striking. Of course, this tip requires a trained fashion look, since it’s not always easy to superimpose striking shades and patterns, but when it hits, it’s very beautiful. Perfect for environments in which the nerve is welcome, a creative work to a fashion, a restô opening to a cocktail party.

Skirt + shirt + jeans flatform + handbag

Another way to use green is merging with jeans, a way to soften and stripping the color elected to 2017. Here, the skirt makes a company a shape shirt romantic, who runs a traditional look in Indigo. Note the flatform, also jeans, another trend of the summer, and well in hand bag in green close, indicating the fourth combination that always works: Green + Green. Perfect for moments of leisure or a daily basis less formal.