“Greater YouTube History Redesign” Goes Live Today [Updated]

Earlier this year YouTube showed a preview of what the site would become. They did this in order to receive feedback from your users and make the changes that were most requested. As a result, the pages have their unified elements in a drop-down menu scheme and qualification system with stars would be replaced by a “good” or “dislike”, among other things.

This redesign, quoted by the company as the largest by which YouTube has passed, will go live today according to an email sent to their partners. Custom pages will not be changed, only those of individual videos.

If you do not want to wait for the official release, you can access this special film link Home, which should enable the display of the preview of the new layout released in January. Not sure if this had any prior of the modified elements, but today we will find out.

[via TechCrunch]

[Updated at 19:48]: Apparently the redesign is now available for all the millions of daily visitors. But there is still some confusion: depending on the browser or operating system (not yet know for sure what the determining factor), different layouts are shown. On my laptop, which runs Windows XP, the videos page appears as shown in the screenshot below.

In this case, the video progress bar and controls have been changed and became more minimalistic. It has been the same video is accessed using Mac OS X, also in Firefox, the layout remains the same as the first image, the preview appears in January.