Google Will Use Your Phone to Bring More Security

How many of us rely on the services Google every day to produce, have fun or just learn new things? Therefore, it is reasonable to think that the security of Google Account is an item necessities. Google also agrees with this, as to create a way to increase security when logging in to Gmail or other services. Yes, you will need your cell phone.

Called 2-step Verification – or 2 – step verification – this new feature will make extensive use of the smartphone. According to the company, is a way to ensure that access to Google services are released only after you confirm something he knows (login and password) and something he has (in this case the cell).

After activating the feature in settings Google Account, you will be two steps to log in to Google services. The first is traditional: enter the login and password. The second will depend on a smartphone registered previously. You will need to enter a numerical code, like a PIN, which can be received in several ways. Via voice call or SMS, or even apps for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

According to Google said it will be up to the user to decide how you will receive this code every time you want to log in online services. It seems laborious, no? Glad you have the option to keep active checking for 30 days.

Like the idea? We try to enable this feature, but no one from TB could for now. But he must be released for all users in the coming weeks as Google usually does.