Google Search is Further Connected on Social Networks

In the middle of last year, Google has activated an experiment on your system search that made ​​him more social. Links to articles, images, videos or any digital content to be shared on social networks and were available publicly began to gain a certain prominence, appearing higher on the results page than the other links. Today Google announced an improvement in this scheme.

The update on called Social Search Google will now show which of your friends shared that information involving what you’re looking for, showing the name and avatar of the social network he used. Among the social networks that Google uses are the Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, and even Facebook. How does Google know what your friends? Easy: He is omnipresent and knows everything through its connections to Google Buzz (which allows connection to accounts with other networks) and the shared items in Google Reader, among others.

In addition, Google will also pass to detect their profiles in social networks and will ask you if you want to connect the two, leaving the outcome of the search even more relevant. Probably this method it should get saved cookies from other social networks on your computer, but that’s just a kick in the middle of the field.

The search giant also warns that the results of social networks will only appear on pages if users choose to log in with your Google account before you perform the research and in the English version of the browser. All other users will see the results page without this feature enabled.