Google Launches Content Payment System for Tablets and Smartphones

A netizen who is willing to pay for access to certain sites have a lot of work ahead. Content is often published by different companies, which means that you must create a new account and add a new form of payment to all of them. Unless he uses the Google One Pass, a payment system for content that Google introduced on Wednesday.

This is another attempt by the search company to make the content accessible to the public. Any content editor – whether virtual or associated with a printed vehicle – may take the One Pass, facilitating the consumer’s life. The login Google is more than enough to register on the site, confirm payment and already start reading the texts (or access content, more generally).

“Publishers can customize how and when they will charge for content,” says Google. Is the responsibility of company communication set whether to charge for all access to the content, or only a few specific items. One thing the One Pass provides is that a newspaper selling digital signatures, but exempting print subscribers to pay for the digital copy.

As would be expected, the Google One Pass will depend on the Google Checkout – Google PayPal never worked very well. For now it is available for Germany, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Italy and the UK.

According to Google, the One Pass allow access to content on websites and also on tablets and smartphones. Only lack even that developers start to adopt this system to know if it really works.

Update on 17/02/2011 at 9:37 a.m. | As Rodrigo Ghedin well noted in MeioBit, Google will charge a fee to those who want to take the One Pass. In the case of 10% of the total, a much lower rate than the 30% currently charged by Apple in its App Store.