Google Helps You Plan the Perfect Wedding

This Google does not tire of inventing fashion. In addition to creating universal services, which anyone in the world could use as their own interests, the search giant is in search of specific niches. The grooms and brides, for example, come to be served by a new site called Google Wedding. It is the marriage facilitated by Google.

Do not think, however, that is a completely new service. In fact, Google Wedding is it just a new interface to provide services that already exist. The difference is for the site’s focus, which remains fully in the organization and management of tasks related to a marriage.

Are guest lists, clothing evidence, the party venue reserve, buffet choices, which dresses will be allowed, car rental … So many things go through the heads of the bride and groom, the big event of masters of ceremony like this, but at the same while those more stress out with this sort of thing. Google promises to make life more peaceful future lovebirds with Google Wedding.

The following services are presented on the new website:

  • Google Docs : virtual application suite gets update with specific document templates for those who will marry. Among the features are: guest list, costs spreadsheets, music listing that will play in the event, seating layout on the tables, among many things.
  • Google Sites: Google Website hosting service has won new themes, for newlyweds who want to take advantage of this virtual space to tell how is the organization of your wedding.
  • Picasa: a wedding is usually the target of many, many photos, after all marks the beginning of a joint life of two people. After choosing the best photos and edit them in Picnik (see item below), nothing better than to put this photo album on the network so that all the guests to see (and who can not attend the event as well).Therefore, Picasa offers this functionality.
  • Picnik: photo editing in Picnik is just perfect, and now now has some special effects. For example, thank you, or telling you when will the wedding date.

Google Wedding has been created out of a partnership with Michelle Rago, an important matchmaker US. She is known to mount the first magnitude parties, where everything is presented impeccably. In this Google project, Rago showed ideas of what would be more important to put the Wedding site. Check out the results for yourself.

The bad news is that, for now, Google’s Wedding interface is available only in English.