Google Goes to the Forest to the Street View Amazon

At that moment, as you read another interesting text in our site (modest these people, right?), A team Google is in the north of the country capturing images of what is considered the richest ecosystems in the world. Yes, the search engine most used in the world lands in the Amazon to show a little of the reality of those who live there.

We are talking about an almost special version of Street View for this purpose.

In partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, the Google begins mapping a wide state of Amazonas region. The idea is to provide tools and training for local residents learn to use the Street View equipment and help map the place in which they themselves live. Initially, Brazilian and American Google employees participating in the project.

The itinerary of the Google team includes 50 kilometers of Rio Negro, one of the largest rivers in volume of water in the world (remember that from school, but the Wikipedia helped to confirm the information). The Tumbira community near Manaus, will receive the visit of such personnel and the Terra Preta community.

To fulfill the project will be used unusual forms of access to certain places. Instead of Street View cars, the search team will ride using a special bike that has the 360 cameras suspended on an iron bar.

To face the river, the same device is used within a vessel hired by Google.

Google did not say when these images are ready (because processing them takes time).Just what “soon” our Amazon will be accessible in Google Maps and Google Earth.