Google and Microsoft Exchange Accusations on the Internet

A giant brawl has happened through social media. The Google and Microsoft, two companies who provide presentation here, have been accusing each other of the most harmful practices to the full development of a competitive market. At issue is the patent auction previously under the administration of Novell, whose winning group has Microsoft and Apple. Google did not like the story and decided to put his mouth on trombone.

Google accuses


On Wednesday (03) a text written by the executive responsible for Google’s legal matters initiated the discussion. David Drummond accused Microsoft and Apple of arming a plot against Android. The consortium led by the two companies gave the highest bid and took thousands of Novell patents. Drummond says there is an “organized, hostile campaign” against its mobile platform operated by two competing companies, as well as Oracle and other companies.

The bid winner of the patents Novell was $ 4.5 billion. An exorbitant value compared to the US $ 1 billion minimum for the sale happen. In the search for patents that allow hinder the distribution of Android, the group of companies arose your bid as to quadruple the price of the Novell patents.

“Patents were meant to encourage innovation, but lately they are being used as a weapon to stop it,” writes the executive. According to him, Microsoft has a strategy to undermine Android that includes charging up to $ 15 on each device sold with the platform – all thanks to patents it owns.

Microsoft answers

Call for the clash, Microsoft gave a seemingly response time for Google charges. This time on Twitter general counsel Brad Smith said Google was invited to join the consortium, led by the Microsoft and Apple, would win the auction.

Not only that, came the screenshot of an email exchanged in October 2010 in which one of Google ‘s board says it has no interest in participating in the consortium. In the message, Kent Walker says that “for a number of reasons a joint bid would not be advisable for us right now.” Very politely, Walker appreciates the invitation.

To address the issue, the MS has hinted that Google complains about not getting the Novell patents package, but was not willing to make a joint bid.

Google replica

After seeing a seemingly legitimate email from one of its executives, Google returned the charges. In no time the company denies having rejected the bid invitation together with Microsoft to buy the patent package. When updating your text with new comments, David Drummond says the competitor wants to take any patent that allows Google and its partners in Android to defend “attacks.”

If Google do accept the bid together, the same patents valid for Android could be used for Windows Phone or iOS, for example. All winners of the patents would have the same rights to it, making it impossible for a sue another group member, in intellectual property disputes that already get tired of seeing.

Drummond suggests that other patents bought by Microsoft could be used in future cases that damage the Android. However, by agreeing to participate in a joint bid, Google would not have patents of their exclusive property to negotiate in future cases. The famous “takes on, give here” would not be possible, therefore.

Microsoft’s rejoinder

Frank Shaw, responsible for all the part of public relations for Microsoft, wrote severaltweets about it. Summing up:

“We offered google the opportunity to bid with us to buy the patents from novell; they said no. Because? Because he want to buy what they could use against others. So close partnerships with other (…) Is not something that they wanted to help.”

The silence of Apple

So far, Apple has not given a word on the subject. Google’s initial indictment involving both the Steve Jobs company like Microsoft. As the story unfolds, Microsoft responded and was charged again, while Apple held an insurmountable silence.

And what about the story?

The United States Department of Justice ruled earlier this year that Microsoft would sell its patents obtained in the purchase involving intellectual property from Novell. Also determined that the other partners in the consortium to license patents fairly even so that Google can use them on Android.

I have the impression that Google shot accusations against Microsoft recalling the case of the Novell patents, but with the recent sale of patents Nortel in sight. As you know, the group that led the patents Microsoft integrated package. And Google has warned: expect the US Department of Justice intercede again, as happened before in the case of the Novell patents.

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