Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: List of the Most Important Combinations

The Gmail is the third service email most used in the world. Besides being free and easy to use, it has the quality that only Google can offer. If you do not, you know that it is very easy to create an e-mail from Gmail. This service Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that let you access commands more quickly, which speeds time to write a new message or reply to an e-mail.

Enable Gmail keyboard shortcuts is very easy. With the home page open webmail, click Settings and look for the section Keyboard Shortcuts. Check the Keyboard shortcuts, and then go to the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Then, check below the list of keyboard shortcuts that you ought to know when using Google email.

Main Gmail keyboard shortcuts

  • c – Write a new message.
  • Shift + c – Write new message in a new window.
  • r – Reply to the message.
  • the – Reply to message to all who received it .
  • f – Forward the email to others.
  • Tab followed by Enter – Send the message
  • z – Undo the action that has just been completed.


  • and – Save the e-mail.
  • s – Save the message with a star.
  • ! – Mark the email as spam (unsolicited advertising can be, the message being sent continuously etc.).


  • j – Move the cursor to the previous message. Pressing Enter opens the email in question.
  • k – Move the cursor to the next message. Pressing Enter opens the email in question.
  • u – Return to the home page (Inbox), with all the emails you received.
  • y followed by the – Archive message and go to the next e-mail.
  • g followed by s – Go to list of emails starred.
  • g followed by c – Go to schedule with all contacts recorded in Gmail.

Once Internet users get used to this key combination turns out to carry out their activities more quickly. Answer an important email without having to touch the mouse is a practice that, after some training time, will get even easier. If you use Gmail as a way to be in touch with your family or friends, or even to work, know the keyboard shortcuts can be you a hand on the wheel. Enjoy.