George W. Bush Comes to Twitter and Facebook

The US former president George W. Bush debuted on Wednesday, day 2, his personal profile on Facebook.

For now your page only tells your date of birth and city and has only two messages, the first of which was strangely written in third person:

“Since leaving government, president bush remained active. He visited 20 states, eight countries and has over 65 speeches; launched the george w. Bush presidential center; he participated in four political conferences by the bush institute; finished the first draft of his memoir, the ‘decision points’ and has partnered with president clinton to create the clinton bush haiti fund. more news in future posts. ”

Then, Bush is one payola comments on the sales of the book to his wife’s memory, Laura Bush.

By the time this post is written exactly 22,455 site members had “Tanned” the presence 43rd US President on the social network. Break, their presence on the site also gave many the chance dreamed of being able to criticize publicly: Cool, I did not know that war criminals could have profiles here, “wrote a sailor.

Meanwhile, the profile @George_W Bush appeared on Twitter, winning exactly 2,339 followers in just 36 minutes, while only 4 follows: Sarah Palin policy, Senator and candidate for presidency in 2008 John McCain, the party’s profile Republished and of course, Barack Obama. Either way, your page on the site microblogging does not have the “seal of authenticity” that ensures that it is not fake.