.Gay Domain is Not Impossible to Get on the Air

The ICANN, the highest body that regulates domain endings (TLDs, the acronym in English) of the internet world, is sure that the best thing to do is to release generic TLDs, which relate to specific topics. For example, the .car have to do with cars, perfect for the BMW bmw.car register the domain. And if you depend on a man, the TLD .gay must also be approved by the entity.

Scott Seitz is the founder of a company that plans marketing specifically for homosexuals. Perhaps as part of your business or even philosophy of life, he believes that the time has come to create a specific TLD for the gay audience. It would be a kind of center for this community, as Seitz said in an interview with CNET News.

This man wants to send a proposal to ICANN that enables the creation of .gay TLD. Therefore, it needs to raise about $ 185,000, the fee to be paid to turn the register (the legitimate charge) for future .gay domain. Once approved, Seitz would be the front of a company able to register all areas related to the gay community in the world.

He said to CNET, the annuity of a .gay domain could cost between 50 and 100 dollars, though the value is not exactly confirmed – duh, the TLD .gay not even exist. Funny areas such as issoetao.gay (That’s so gay) would be welcome, but he does not answer what is the policy for areas such anti.gay, which could possibly be adopted by a religious group does not approve the relationship between people the same sex.

The most controversial point .gay TLD is that it could facilitate blocking the gay content sites (not necessarily have to be pornographic). In some countries like Iran that kind of relationship is forbidden by law, so in theory it would be easier to block once all sites ending in .gay. But Seitz says block .gay TLD would only show those nations once and for all who are against homosexuals, something they should avoid.

The subject is controversial. Do you think it is time for the internets have. gay TLD?