Front Door Mat Designs

We said that the entrance mat can be compared to a business card for each household. Going forward with the metaphors, we could speak of a kind of letter of introduction, in which the landlord showcases the best of themselves.

A careful examination of the peculiar traits of this complement, in fact, not only we can make us of the ideas on the style of furniture taken at home, but we can also to guess what most fascinates those who live in it.

The hosts Nature lovers will be taken to choose mats funny and fun prints that recall the world of animals; sports fans will, with great probability, electrocuted by doormat in the shape of a football field, ball, the basket…, and can not choose another, movie lovers will not be able to do just the doormat that portrays the characters of their favorite series…

The doormat entrance, in these cases, it becomes a real communication tool, a vehicle through which to make known their passions.

This category includes rugs inspired by the Cinema Myths. Accessories very successful that allow not only to do the scene, but also to hear the stars of the silver screen closer to your daily life: a real privilege for lovers of the genre.

Given the huge success of the saga “Star Wars” decimated on current market models inspired by the protagonists of the various episodes;models that stimulate the imagination and creativity, and giving access to the houses ultramodern, lived by the hosts, experts connoisseurs of science fiction, such as the space “shuttles very special”.

Among the best sellers, the doormat to entry with logo B. Red Carpet.

It is a traditional form of model and conventional measures: 50 cm to 70 cm. The surface is made ​​of shaved fur dark gray and in the central part stands out in bold red the unmistakable logo “Star Wars”.

A complement characterized by a strong aesthetic impact , but also excellent finishing, including a thick edging rubber grip, which prevents the plant tissue to tear and scucirsi under the weight of the treads.

A very modern and attractive complement, also in price, for all lovers of the famous series glia.

Always B. Carpet conducted a doormat that is a real tribute to one of the Star Wars characters. This is the Model Jedi Master, inspired by the eponymous character.

The Jedi knights in the Star Wars saga are defenders of peace and justice. They are good heroes and have a leader, Jedi Master, selfless and brave. This piece appears in all its power, beauty and power of color in the center of the B. Carpet doormat.

On a dark gray background, stand out bright colors, bright, evanescent, from white to green to yellow. An aura of bright light surrounds the figure of the famous character and culminates in writing of his name.

We speak of a doormat that is much more of an addition on which wipe their feet. It is a true work of art .

The good hero’s antagonist, the head of the Evil Warriors, is the protagonist of the Model “Welcome to the darkside” of Intl Pyramid.

It is a very resistant mat , made ​​of neutral colored coconut fiber, on which stands the black face of the head of the Samurai Warriors. Even stronger of the foreground image is written in bold black which supports the press: “Welcome to the Dark Kingdom.”

With these bills, writing and colors, the Pyramid doormat Intl is bidding to become the instrument of access to rooms furnished in ultra-modern style , dominated by strong contrasts of colors, among which is undoubtedly the black.

The ideal complement for lovers of urban-metropolitan style, eager to integrate into their habitats also complements from the sci-fi world.Excellent quality / price ratio.