Free Music Streaming: MixRadio Wins for Android and iOS

The MixRadio, streaming music service developed in 2007 by Nokia, can now be used free of charge for owners of Android and iPhone. The application, which was previously exclusive to Windows Phone was launched for competing platforms on Tuesday (19), about five months after being sold by Microsoft for the Japanese messenger Line.


The service is a little different from Spotify or Deezer, operating similarly to Pandora: you inform the artists or genres you love and MixRadio is in charge of assembling an automatic playlist. During playback, you can favoritar particular song, customizing playlists according to your tastes.

A nice point MixRadio over other streaming music services is that you can save up to four playlists (or mixes) in the device memory without paying any subscription. So, you can hear the music without relying on the operator’s network. The catalog has over 35 million songs, similar to the number of competitors.

According to TechCrunch, the MixRadio will continue to be developed for Windows Phone, especially because the agreement is still advantageous for the company, since the service is pre-installed on Lumia smartphones. In fact, in practice, little has changed: although the service has been purchased by a Japanese company, the MixRadio office continues to function normally in the UK.