Foot Contouring Makeup

If the contouring for the face, but also to the buttocks, is not enough to enhance every feature or part of your body, now also came to the feet. And if you love sandals, it’s worth understanding how.

The contouring knows the boundaries, but does not know the application boundaries. And sometimes its wide range of use can be scary, especially because the themed novelties are always around the corner. At first Kim Kardashian has turned into the instrument  of make-up to sculpt the face and enhance the features, then it was the time of ‘ hair contouring by the hair, came the turn of the legs (if that is the principle for face, why should it not apply to other parts of the body?), and finally, incredibly true, the contouring to the buttocks  has ended on the series.

What was missing? In view of the summer, one of the first candidates there were … the feet.

So Live Glam showed the new #footcontour trend in a video on which has received more than 11,000 comments, not really excited. Some people laughed out loud with messages that squirted “AHAHAHAHAH” from every pore, who evoked the madness ( “The new trend for bored psychos,” “The new trend for crazy bored”) who spoke about the new level of foot fetish ( “This level some new foot fetish shit”, “This is the new level of fetishism”).

It seems that nobody wants to take seriously the technique applied to the lower limbs. As if that were not on the buttocks sock. Meanwhile, for those who want to wear a pair of sandals, and to make a good impression at its ends, there is a tutorial to follow.

From which you want to give us a peek too. We did it: it can be useful.