FBI Goes After 4chan User Accused of Terrorism

Once again the controversial 4chan found himself in the middle of an investigation by the FBI. The turn was a young man named Ali Saad, 19, who last November posted in one of the home forums trolls plans to promote a massacre at a local college.

According to members of the site, Saad promised to “break the record” of Seung-Hui Cho student who in 2007 invaded the Virgina Tech and killed 32 of their teachers and classmates. In a message posted on November 27 , the boy said “would use an AK-47 to open fire on a class of over 500 students,” said an FBI agent to the site Smoking Gun .Moreover, the young promised to convey all your action in real time over the web.

The FBI says that two users of 4chan alerted against Saad plans, who was arrested 48 hours later as “used his laptop to post messages about their plans to open fire on the local high school.”

In testimony Saad said it had access to the site for the first time just a week before making such statements. In his defense, he said that his posts were “a joke”, but still have to face the heavy hand of the law on the 25th because of the images pornography child found in the drive of your computer.

Good people, this guy.