Facebook Tries But Still Does Not Come Close Orkut in Brazil

For some time the Brazilian Internet users fell into the graces of social networks and this audience will only grow more and more. Data released this week by statistics firm Comscore confirmed a trend that we have noted for some time in this area: the Brazilian Internet users have noticed that Facebook is there, waving in the background, begging for a little attention, but who tupiniquim people like it is orkut.

The company’s statistics show that Facebook has little estimated 12 million unique visitors, while Orkut dominates with 32 million. Despite showing that the social network Google is still dominant in Brazil, Comscore makes it clear that this can change. In 2010, Facebook grew 258%, while Orkut grew only 28% of its audience and because of that, you can lose the lead in the coming years.

In addition to displaying data on social networks in Brazil, Comscore also released data on the browsing habits of the Brazilian internet user. Did you know, for example, here in Latin America are the people that most accesses the Internet, with 40 million inhabitants connected? Nevertheless, we are not we spend more time on the network. The first is with the Argentines, with 25 hours per month, Peruvian, with 24.7 hours per month, and only then the Brazilians appear, with 24.3 hours per month.

The research took into account only people over 15 years with internet access from work or home. Check out the full presentation at this link.


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