Facebook Moments: App Release In Europe Due To Data Protection Stopped

First, no release of Facebook moment in Europe: in the United States, the new photo app of Facebook is available since this week. In this country, it will take at least a while since called the automatic face detection the software data protection on the plan.

There were apparently data protectors in Ireland, which have raised concerns of the moment because Facebook, the BBC reported. Therefore, the feature of automatic face recognition is not allowed under European law if the people depicted on photos have unable to decide voluntarily.

Currently No Opt-In Feature Planned

While Facebook offers moments, you can disable the automatic face detection; According to the data protection, however, it should be but the other way around, so that users could activate the function when necessary. Richard Allen, who is responsible for the company’s policy in Europe at Facebook, said: “We have no opt-in mechanism, which is why it is switched off, until we develop a.” There is currently no timetable for such a feature.

Facebook Moments App Release In Europe Due To Data Protection Stopped

With Facebook moments, images stored in groups are sorted. If the software on the photos detects the user’s social network contacts that is offered to share the image folder with the appropriate people. Facebook moments is available in the United States since mid-June 2015 for Android and iOS operating systems. If and when the app is still in Europe will appear, is uncertain given the current situation.