Facebook Messenger Gets Video Calls

After the call audio, this is the next stop on the Facebook Messenger: links to video. The IM application of social network allows, since yesterday, people talk to each other in the style of Facetime, the Apple, Skype, Microsoft; or Hangout, the Google. They are competing weight that Facebook will face from now.

At first, however, Brazilian users can not test the new. She was released in a bunch of countries, including the United States, Mexico and Uruguay, but there is no word on availability in Brazil. “We will release it to other regions in the coming months,” the Facebook in a note.

Who has tested the feature states that does not even have much to say. In any chat, just touch the video camera icon to initiate a call. You can merge between the rear and front camera (such selfie camera, as some manufacturers have said) during the conversation, or turn them off completely.

Facebook made ​​sure to explain that the feature works in a multiplatform scenario. An Android user can, for example, with video calling for an owner iPhone. For now we have no information about the availability of the tool in Windows Phone or PC. Remember that in early April it launched the Messenger.com a specific site for the communicator – without the annoying interruptions of the social network. It would make perfect sense to embed the new feature in Messenger for computers.

More than 600 million people use Messenger actively, according to company data. This personal accounts for approximately 10% of all calls phone made ​​by internet (VoIP). Facebook tries to grab another portion of this communications segment to also introduce the video calls. No doubt they get there very quickly.

Interestingly, the company does not profit anything to provide such services. The Vergeand note that the initiatives serve much more to keep Facebook from the daily habits of users. But do not doubt it in the near future, they begin to hear their conversations for audio and video to learn more about you, in order to offer more contextualized ads. You do this with the chat text.