Facebook Brazil Has an Initial Investment of US $ 1 Million

Alexandre Hohagen will no longer have to work from home. The executive, who left the post of president of Google for Latin America (and acting president of Google in Brazil), changed the engine for Facebook, and already has an address to call your own. The website link, the estadao.com.br, found that Facebook Brazil was recently registeredwith the Commercial Registry of São Paulo.

To begin with, the Facebook social right here in the country will be Facebook Online Services do Brazil Ltda. If you ever sign a contract in which one party is this company, you can be happy because it’s money in the right. Not idea of what the fancy name, if only Facebook or Facebook Brazil. Just in case, here in TB we will adopt the nickname Facebook Brazil whenever we are talking about the Brazilian social network office.

The address of the future company will be in the neighborhood Paradise, here in São Paulo. Hopefully, it will be close to the subway, to the future employees of Facebook Brazil come to work without relying on the São Paulo traffic, which can be defined as hell. Of course, a helipad also no one would snub to when Mark Zuckerberg gives the guys here. The detail is that the address is temporary, it is in the same place where is the consulting firm that is helping to bring the FB to Brazil.

Facebook’s operations here have an initial investment of $ 1 million. Only one US dollar will come from Facebook Global Holding I, while another US $ 999,999 come from the Facebook Global Holding II.

Facebook Brazil for now has only one responsibility: lawyer Jobelino Locatelli, who acts as his attorney.