Facebook Becomes the Name of Newborn

There are people out there who have put the dog name Google, the cat Yahoo and is seriously considering naming Foursquare parrot. All right, are pets, then there is so much trouble in giving this kind of name. But she had an Egyptian father who decided to honor a social network to get in the office and choose the name for the newborn daughter. Yes, Facebook was the choice that Egyptian.

The subject in question is in his twenties, with emotions skin deep for taking part in a popular revolution that ousted former dictator Mubarak. And as a result, it decided to honor the network of almost 600 million users. The girl will be called Facebook Jamal Ibrahim, Ibrahim which is the name of the father. We have no girl photo, unfortunately.

On on the subject, an Egyptian newspaper ensures that the newborn Facebook was received with great affection by friends and relatives of the father. They celebrated, including the importance of Facebook for the Egyptians obtain victory in the fight against the dictatorship.

Several analysts afiram that social media were key to the situation in Egypt is resolved. There were weeks of daily demonstrations in several places, especially in Cairo, sending real – time messages to Twitter and Facebook. The Egyptian government even shut down the Internet in the country, which only showed his face despair a rabid people.

There is still no information about how the father of Facebook will have to pay Mark Zuckerberg for the licensing of the trademark.