Facebook Adds Relationship Status to Gays

There are people so wrapped up in this world who do not know or say what kind of relationship is getting involved. And there is Facebook who pays the bill, having to review the relationship status that offers the users profile. Apparently, being married or single is not enough these days, so there come new status.

Facebook announced that two new relationship status are on the way. This time, however, to refletiro the community gay asks is time for the social network. Users who are involved in relationships with people of the same sex can now choose the following status:

  • “In a civil union” ( In a civil union )
  • “In a domestic partnership” ( In a domestic relationship )

The first of the status is quite easy to understand: this relates to gay couples who resolve to marry. Not any church that celebrates this kind of ceremony, but in some countries at least civil union is released (in Argentina is so).

I confess I do not know what a “domestic partnership”, but it is certainly something that has also been added to Facebook after consulting the GLS community. Fair enough, after all that time in which people were either single or married over.

For now the news is only available for the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia.

But what I really hope is the day when “hacksaw in cornmeal” turn status relationship of social network. Believe me, you will have many people using!