Facebook Active Authentication for Mobile to Increase Security

As a social network widely used around the world, members of Facebook are constant targets of phishing scams and theft of confidential information. For this and other reasons, the network accounts are hacked all the time. To try to reduce the occurrence of this problem, the social network has decided to increase its security scheme and implemented an authentication via mobile very similar to that created by Google for some time.
The solution announced yesterday by Facebook, however, is a little less elegant than that of Google, which uses a mobile app for iOS, BlackBerry or Android. Called Login Approvals (login approval in good Portuguese), the system sends an SMS message with the confirmation code to the registered mobile phone.

With the inserted code in the page, the phone is confirmed and it happens to be used as a means of authentication each time a user logs on to the site from an unauthorized computer. If you device is lost, access can only be done from a computer that was previously authorized in your account, so there is not much to worry about.

To activate Login Approvals, just go to Account, Account Settings, Security and select the Login Approvals option. This feature is not available, at least for now, for accounts that surf the site in Portuguese, English only.