Elegant Flower Vase Home Decor

The pieces that support for the plants are increasingly prominent in the decor. Bring a bit of nature close to the family is easier than you think, even living in small buildings. To enjoy this benefit, just buy some pots and place your plants and flowers and you will become protagonists in the decoration of an environment. Basically, flower pots can be used on all projects of a house or an apartment and has an important role in each of them. There is a vast universe of options for decorative combinations. The important thing is to use your imagination and let the piece best match your style. Just be sure to check out the space where the decorative vases will be to choose the right size. Even if it is a personal choice, some tips are important. In the outdoor garden, for example, the bet may be in larger pieces, such as ceramic vessels. The vessels for the vertical garden and pots for the winter garden should vary in size: the smaller parts can be installed in vertical panels and averages can compose the ground floor of. For these cases, the resin models or glass vases can give an extra charm to the project. The small vessels are ideal to compose the decoration of a table or the balcony.

Common models to use
The vessel may be made of numerous materials. The most common version is the ceramic. This model is a porous and therefore allows the plant to breathe and adapt better at any temperature. If you choose plastic model, another very common type know that the piece is susceptible to further warming. So, remember that the plant needs more water and should not be exposed to sunlight.

Take note some essential tips
– Inquire about the plant that is grown in the pot to choose the optimum size of the piece. This research will also be important to know the necessary care of each species;
– Ferns, for example, have good growth and, therefore, its vessels should be of medium or large;
– In the case of orchids, you should always get a vase slightly larger than the plant because this species likes to be “tight” in them. Over time, you need to replant it in a larger piece;
– Plants grown in pots should receive fertilizer every two months;
– It is important to keep the vessels out of the reach of children and pets, it can be dangerous to them:
– The water vessel can not be accumulated, as this will interfere with the development of the plant. Between the vessel and the plate, use sand or a polyurethane foam to absorb excess water;
– The maintenance of most of the vessels is simple: only with a damp cloth to avoid scratching any natural substance of the wallpapers.