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ELAC FS 407 in the Test

ELAC FS 407 in the Test
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The 407 ELAC FS is rather petite. That affect the sound? We have tested the status box.

The commercially most successful manufacturer of HiFi-boxes with air motion transformers should be the company ELAC from the Schleswig-Holstein Kiel. The Jet emission tweeter, short: JET, as the northern lights, is after 20 years of construction long ago become a trademark matured.

The chassis made-to-measure extensively in Germany works in different quality levels in numerous ELAC boxes. Only two series for price-sensitive beginners must make do with traditional, simpler design and varied Dome tweeters.

For quite some time, there are even coaxial versions, in combination with a circular flat diaphragm mid-range in conventional, dynamic design, with coiled coil and concentric magnetic system of the JET. The most recent highlight of Kiel is a version of the JET coax with mechanically adjustable beam angle to adapt to different acoustics and hearing distance. The so-equipped FS 509 (14,000 euros) had AUDIO already in February 2012 in the listening room.

ELAC FS 407: Construction

A coax the FS 407 can not come up with, but it is one of the first loudspeakers with the latest version of the JET, which internally is a fifth generation. The development is to realize the four slightly larger outlets has instead of five with a newly designed front panel. Precision work to foil membrane and its damping increases usable transmission range and reduces distortion. Thus, the chassis can be connected deeper than its predecessors and requires fewer components in the crossover.

By Dr. Oskar Heil more than 40 years ago developed principle of course wasn’t touched. The lamellar folding helps the driver much more surface area than the external dimensions and the (pleasantly) wide dispersion pattern suggest. Chassis inside again, even the smallest movements cause a high-intensity stimulation of air that can flow out through the large slots freely then. The very good efficiency reduces the electrical load and allows high, unbiased top level and a compression-free representation also at unusually strong pulses.

The other areas are not, two are in the 407 modern Cone chassis installed, which have particularly low-distortion magnetic systems. The drivers are extremely long stroke side and highly resilient. Their membranes combine sound neutral pulp and high-strength aluminium, with the aim of a piston-like motion without resonance. The crossover utilizes only air coils, which show no saturation also at high currents.

ELAC FS 407: hearing test

Sound characteristics the FS 407 like aggressiveness or dwindling fine drawing, mt, be accompanied by a strain of turnout components or chassis did not seem to know. AUDIO has seldom experienced a box in this class, their joy of playing is so little, when signals are complex, and level up. Many speakers begin to annoy, if it gets too much for them only slightly and then more in the presence area , but this steady slide in the direction of congestion was not to go out at the ELAC. You could use her completely relaxed work without pressure on the ears, no tug of war in the treble, no booming bass.

The more the testers enjoyed the authentic sound. The French singer ZAZ interpreted the Edith Piaf classic, “Dans Ma rue” with much temper, and only by a pianist accompanied on their debut album (Sony). You must be not a fan of the genus chanson, to feel that huge passion inside this unpretentious image. The ELAC had the two actors most dynamic spaces, it sounded powerful, complex and wonderfully brilliant but never used. No question, the FS 407 has the makings of a great career.


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