Ekranoplan Watch Review

Among the watches we have in our catalog include (among others) the Vostok-Europe. On several occasions we have discussed in our blog about them and, in the expert forums they have special importance, being a legendary brand characterized by high reliability and wide range of models and styles. If you still do not know, maybe you should take a look at this post. Today we speak of the origin of the name of one of them: the Vostok Ekranoplan. Where does your name? What you have.

Ekranoplan is a Soviet apparatus began testing in the 60s and that led to different models until the mid-80s, finally disappearing with the fall of the Soviet regime. It is a combination between boat and plane impresses with its navigation capability and flight. This is so when the intelligence services of the US knew that this device was being tested on the Caspian Sea, he was baptized with the name of “Caspian Sea Monster” (Caspian Sea Monster).


This impressive device (measuring 100 meters long and weighs 90 tons) was able to navigate on the water thanks to the “ground effect” -similar to that of Formula 1 cars for which are based on the mass of air remaining between apparatus and water when they move, which explains why you have this peculiar design. It was powered by 8 jets and was able to reach a speed of 500 km / h. Its interior was capable of carrying 15 people and 1,000 tons of cargo, so it was especially useful for transporting cargo tonnage greater than can a plane, but faster than a boat. Moreover, he was able to fly on icy surfaces and / or unhindered.

Most copies were scrapped. However, one still survives in abandoned state at the base of Kaspiysk, enabling give an idea of ​​how this monstrous apparatus was built.