Edge Galaxy S6 & S6: Samsung Drags In The Commercial About Selfie Sticks

You may say that have got: Samsung compares the users of Selfie sticks in a new video with cavemen – and of course promoting the capabilities of Galaxy S6 on this occasion and Galaxy S6 edge as Selfie smartphones.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 are nothing more than computer in your pocket. Pack not only sometimes complex applications in a handy piece of modern technology but the Internet with all its information. There of still downright shameful, is to attach these advanced communication devices to shoot self portraits on a simple pole. This takes at least Samsung and recalls that owners of his current top smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 of the Galaxy as something not necessary have edge.

Of Human Sardines And Cavemen With Stick

The continuing video begins with a scenario that you have probably already often himself observed: A group of people tried somehow to urge that this deprived any Spotaneität on a photo. Samsung this sight called the “human sardines“. The speech of people who “carry sticks with it like cavemen”, while the often derided Selfie sticks are shown in action is then in the same breath.

The moment of triumph is again at human sardines. Someone in the Group pulls out a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and take photos of a Selfie of the entire Pulks – thanks to 5-megapixel front-facing camera with wide angle lens spontaneously from the wrist.

Clear, Selfies are trendy, be ridiculed but also time and again. Samsung combines both in his commercial and drags on self portrait photography to promote his current Smartphone signboards as Selfie smartphones. Is now clever marketing or double standards?