Dresses Worn by Kate Middleton Pregnant

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, is a reference in the world of fashion. She seeks to use clothes and stylish accessories, without exaggerating in the productions. Since the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge went public, their looks went on to dictate trends among pregnant women.

With 31 years of age, Kate Middleton is preparing to be the mother of the first baby. The British Royal family is excited about the pregnancy and arranges for the arrival of a new heir.

Kate Middleton Style

Kate Middleton knows how to value the changes in your silhouette without looking vulgar. She wears clothes well, comfortable and sophisticated. In some of her appearances, the belly of the Princess is so unobtrusive that she didn’t seem to be expecting a baby.

The wife of Prince William uses clothes in the right measure, that is, she doesn’t choose pieces that mark the hips or belly. Kate also does not try to hide their new curves with excess cloth according to PinckardDress.

Because of your good taste to assemble the look, Kate Middleton was elected pregnant best dressed by Vanity Fair magazine.

Kate Middleton Dresses In Pregnancy

To choose their dresses, Kate Middleton chooses the muted colors and prevents fair moulds. The Duchess has shown to have an affinity with the models that mark the waist and get a trim in harmonic body.

Adept to a conservative look and personality, Kate Middleton wears dress envelope, a model that highlights the high waist and works fine in the body of the pregnant woman. She usually does not use traditional tubing, because these pieces increase the size of the breasts, hips and belly.

Sometimes the wife of Prince William chose patterned dresses. She made success with the floral motifs and also with the poás. The use of a dark blazer with the dress of course was also an excellent strategy for Kate to tune the waist.

In his public appearances, Kate Middleton looking always use minimalist dresses, i.e. no transparencies, necklines exaggerated or excessive details.

When you get your seventh month of pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge begins to introduce a bun in the oven. This new reality of Kate has inspired many designers, who have already begun to develop special looks for her. Among the professionals who made sketches, it is worth mentioning the name of Karl Lagerfeld.

Pictures Of Kate Middleton Pregnant Dresses

Check out the below pictures of Kate Middleton pregnant dresses.