Dress of Tulle And Lace: a Touch of Luxury In Your Day To Day

Flirting with the boudoir trend that promises to make each day more strength, the dress of lace and tulle which refers to a vintage sweater has become one of the highlights of the closet. Just very quiet at this time. For the dress win freshness, we must leave aside traditional combinations, associating the model to streetwear or parts of waterfront in unconventional overlays, taking advantage of the transparency of the dress. Oh! Want to know if you can still use the template on a basic combination black? Yes, but no one will be impressed with that. So, dare more, and if you inhale this suggestions we have for you!

Dress + jeans + shirt + tennis + flatform Pocket

Let’s start with what would be the maximum degree of difficulty: the black dress over jeans and a t-shirt. The effect of transparency part renews, in the spirit of the fashion now, the most basic double wardrobe. Valley shirt with print, pop images, comic book characters, catchphrases or what else your imagination allow. The exact jeans, skinny type, tends to dress better. Combine with a tennis and a colorful Pocket flatform.

Dress + Sweatshirt + pants tight metallized + backpack + tennis

One of the most recurrent style features current runway, sweatpants on income/tulle skirt is what happens here, but with a little extra bold on the metallized exact cutting pants. That’s right. Turn skirt dress – and this can also happen in rollovers with t-shirts and shirts. Feet, to balance the power of the combination, more neutral shoes. The backpack complements the visual with a lot of bossa.

Dress + bikini + sandal high heels + clutch

For summer nights, the dress wins a bikini cut partnership well behaved, reinforcing the retro perfume. Combine with high heels sandals and clutch. Chic, simple, sensual in good measure. Oh! Only for evening parties, right?! If reprise the look during the day, swap with light shades and sandals trip.