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Donnaindica: How About Turning Your Love For Porto Alegre In Frames, Clothes And Accessories?

Donnaindica: How About Turning Your Love For Porto Alegre In Frames, Clothes And Accessories?
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Photography can go far beyond the good old t-shirt print on the look our for each day and extrapolate the Valley frames in the decoration of the House. For inspiration, check out cool examples of how you and your House might wear pictures in a different way.


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Knows that picture well deserved to win a space on the wall of the living room? Can you turn a Cuadrado. This is the project name of Vicky Fernandez – two years ago, she left a job in the it field to invest in the idea of print photos in like this above, square 20 cm by 20 cm. Beyond its own clicks, you can choose images from the collection of more than 3000 images of 70 amateur and professional artists. There is also the minicuadrados kits, for those seeking favors for a special occasion.

  1. Look Made In Poa

How about dressing in Porto Alegre? With this proposal, the couple Tania Porcher and Luiz Paulo de Araújo started to stamp beautiful surroundings of the Capital in dresses, blouses, t-shirts and even pillows and founded the Ink mark. Options abound: the photographer Aguilar has thousands of images in the collection. Today based in Joinville, Santa Catarina, they diversified models with pictures, also of Santa Catarina cities and scenes. All this is available on the page of the Facebook brand and within three points of POA-Casa de La Madre, Über, wardrobe and Shop D’arte Iberê Camargo Foundation.

The most sought after? The prints of the Gasometer, the Redemption and the harbor.

  1. Custom Dress

Sites such as Bediff and Panólatras offer passionate about photography a chance to print your favorite images on fabric – or of other photographers of the acquis. Are many ways to create a pattern that seems abstract. To get an idea of the outcome, the photographer of ZH Andrea Graiz, who literally wear their photos, shows how the image recorded Public market on a rainy day, repeated several times, it gives rise to this nice print (below).

  1. Tissues

Very nice idea of photographer Tonic Alvares: he printed scarves with your photos. Look at how delicate the end result! In December, came out the first wave of models for sale in the store, the Pandorga Ling Institute in Porto Alegre. The idea is to present a new collection every six months – the next should include fabrics for decoration.

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