#DonnaIndica: 4 Brands of t-Shirt With Nice Messages To Start The Year

New year, new t-shirt. Even better if it comes with a sunnier message emblazoned on his chest. Amazing four cool brands for anyone who wants to give your message on the t-shirt, too.

Well You Saw

The name of the latest summer collection of Well You Saw says it all: Just Go. With rocker and urban footprint, the t-shirts invite embark on the next adventure with catchphrases chest stamped on looks stripped and comfortable. The brand created by five friends formed in fashion by UCPel also has t-shirts dresses, skirts and blouses and, pretty soon, an e-commerce. For now, you can find the parts in the shop opened in the Centre of Pellets and the social networks.

I’m Soul

Shirts that speak for us, announcing what we think or feel. With this proposal, the fonoadióloga Renata Lucca launched t-mark your midriff monitors in 2014, then named Am Soul. The summer collection has just been launched with phrases and even some designs of Renata. T-shirt, tank top, cropped, dress, beach items and invite sweatshirt to give messages like: “fly girl! Your sky is the limit “or” I love vibro “.

Like It Shirts

T-shirts, tee, dresses swimsuits that are also bodys and vice versa, all is for the screen prints and fun phrases and sunnier (“Only good vibes, please”) of the brand launched in 2013. The pieces developed by graphic designer Grace Koelln squander yet cool molds, asymmetrical cuts and shoulder-to-shoulder necklines. Everything is for sale by e-commerce Like It.


Launched a month ago, the Save came coming with their t-shirts with feminist footprint-and genderless.

The proposal is minimalist: delicate embroidery form provocative drawings and full of attitude and phrases like “Dive into yourself” and “Empowers you to men and women literally wearing the t-shirt. The Marina Alves and partner Nina Perez, formed in fashion by Uniritter, promising new models and parts to 2017 in the same slow fashion vibe and engaged.