Donna Indicates: 4 Artists Share Your Mapping Work in The Form of Mugs To Handkerchiefs

A design has the power to inspire, provoke and, especially in a new year’s Eve, emotional. Amazing four artists who share your work in different formats for you to take home, gift and let the everyday life more colorful and delicate.


Came from a song by Los Hermanos, portrait for Iaiá, the inspiration for the designer and Illustrator Ana Paula Zonta baptize your brand. Animals acting like people, human figures with elements of nature and the animal world, friendly, bearded men, characters in the pop universe and colorful prints win form in engravings, ecobags, adhesives and in the beautiful handmade copybooks. All illustrated with precise and striking trait of the artist.

Blanc Pages

Laura Folgierini Goldstein was working with binding a few years ago when he decided to create their own prints. The drawings of insects and flowers pleased both on the cover of the notebooks we ended up winning also the shape of delicate tissues. And there’s still the Babushkas, rag dolls stuffed with tea to achyrocline satureioides, and embroideries that have seen patches, frames and whatever else the imagination – or the client order.

Am Illustrations

The architect Andrea Mark liked to share his illustrations on social networks.

Her friends began to want to take their drawings home somehow. So, what was passion and hobby turned business. On the website of the brand, Andrea meets mugs and custom products with your delicate and fluid stroke, often combined with inspirational phrases. And she plans to expand the range of products for 2017.

Vital Lordelo

If you search the beauty while walking the streets, noticed in Vital Signs Lordelo, scattered by Porto Alegre. And all with slogans of the right: gratitude, love, affection, comfort and so on. And you can take that good energy home. The Brazilian artist, who developed your project of street art here and now makes an artist residency in Lisbon, set up an e-commerce where you find posters, mugs and bumper stickers.