Do Not Like the New Version of Twitter? Time to Complain

Since Twitter launched a redesigned version of its home, members of the social network complain about something. It is a link that moved, a profile background image that was disproportionate or that some browsers crashes instantly when they open the site, they will always find something that is not good enough. For these and other reasons, Twitter began to ask the opinion of those still using the old version of the site.

Now, in addition to warning that the old version will be turned off soon, they also put a link next to the button that activates the new version. The link takes for a survey that asks the member of the network indicate what irritates or less like the redesigned version of the network. All items were compiled according to the main problems that members are reporting.

Among the items on the list are “There’s a lot. Was overloaded,” ” I can not find my direct messages,” ” is too slow “and unorthodox” I do not like changes, the old Twitter is good.” If any of these alternative sounds like something you would say, open the searchand make your opinion heard.