Do It Yourself Home Decor

The insomnia came again and brought me a great desire to create; I wish all the insomnia of the world work as well. The madness of the day is the golden, since I brought a packet of gold leaf from my last trip and had not yet found any opportunity to use them. It is time to find the right project!

How to reuse objects that are unused is watchword here on the blog. I ran into the kitchen cupboard and redeemed the last glass of curd, which is suitable anywhere, and I decided to turn it into a door. After deciding the project, it’s time to start attempts. A very important thing to say about the gold leaf is that it is a mystery in my life. In each project that inspired me, they appeared in a different way: with protective role, without protective role, in the shape of smithereens, powder, etc. The problem was that I had no idea how to use any of them, and I even hadn’t opened my parcel to see in which way I had bought them. There are some materials that I thought I would use at the beginning of the project.

The most important reason why I chose these materials was that they were all that I’ve got at home at 1 a.m. on Sunday. I started applying the glue with a brush of sponge irregularly. When passing a relatively thick layer, I applied a gold leaf and waited for the magic to happen. To find cheap wall stickers, visit franciscogardening.

But what I got was a super fail! The liquid glue took too long to dry so that gold foil could not adhere well. It seemed to work without finishing, even there would be a cool effect. When I remembered that I should dry spray glue, It was too late. I use a layer of thin spray to apply a gold leaf.

Wow! Perfect grip! Now I have already knew how it worked, then I kept applying according to my taste. When its appearance became satisfying, I used a layer of glue dishwasher-proof to ensure that everything was going to be fixed in place. But as a good head of donkey, I passed the glass around instead of applying only where had the gold leaf. Consequently, the glass was opaque. It was a lesson I should learn.

Now let it dry. Let’s see what solution I found in the middle of the night: a screwdriver could be served as support.

The final result was a beautiful and bright one which looks like being bought in the shop. You can use the way you prefer to make it nice.

Now, I must express a sincere thank to my dear father, who kindly photographed the process for me. I love you dad!

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