Discover Sweater History and Trend

13 years ago David Beckham is still the star of “Manchester United”, goes to training with a sweater tied at her waist. Such a picture of the player orbits largest-circulation paper editions in London and the result comes in a week when the mass of people doing the same with their blouses.

Experimenting with fashion ideas, try footballer and now. Here some time ago appeared a basketball game with her younger sons Romeo and Cruz dressed in classic jeans, plaid shirt and dark blue sweater casually wrapped around his neck.

In fact, this is the new trend for fall – shirts worn without dress and sleeves tied in front at chest level. Namely the image of Beckham tied sweater garnered the most votes from visitors to the website.

In the big-sharing site Youtube video has a dozen short videos on how to properly compute sweater. There for about two minutes fans of fashion over explain everything.

The upper part of the top cloth is folded so that it is not visible label. The blouse is throws on the back and sleeves are front. Makes only one node and bottom of the sleeves are rolled out. The second way is to not tied, and hang down as women wear their scarves.

Ralph Lauren, 73-year-old American designer from, also adheres to the last rule. At the beginning of his career blouse with a high collar and called polo. Put its priced at $ 50 and managed to convince everyone that it is very chic. A little later he is a billionaire.

This trick it applies today, although his sweater already cost at least $ 400. In the last review of the fashion house in New York Lauren presented his new collection for the cold weather. Of course, winter brand has many kinds of sweaters, but no one in the audience could not see what they are. Because the clothes were worn by models, but simply draped.

In fact, Ralph Lauren probably remember that it was modern and nearly 30 years ago. In early so wear your sweaters mostly young men not so prestigious profession of the street. Very short time, this style is perceived as tawdry, because soon begins to enjoy and rich. He was then released comic book written by Jonathan Roberts. The author writes about youth culture in America – how funny dressed, what music they listen to, etc. On the pages of the publication describes that funny sweaters to wear around the neck. Yes, but it counterproductive. No one is oblivious to what is written in supposedly humorous guide
the contrary, so began to dress and high society.

American business magnate Donald Trump as also carries sweaters, draped shoulders. He is the founder of “Trump Entertainment Resort” – an organization which operates casinos and hotels around the world. So often have meetings with other influential people. But even then he has appeared casually dressed in woolen blouse, not a tie and suit.

It was the third wife and has the same clothes as his father, but in miniature sizes. Fashion magazines in America rank family in the charts of best-dressed celebrities. Some time ago the child was filmed what comes handy with his mother in a building owned by Trump Barron, wearing a snow-white sweater, which is tied in front, just like his father.

Otherwise style sweater tied in front, which is more common for men, the big designers set to sea. Anything that is trendy right now, when winter comes. They are called so because once all sailors as ashore, walked the streets so.