Digital Messaging is the Name of “National Gmail”

After some prodding from the federal government, the Post Office are working in what has been called “Gmail national”. The tool, in theory, will protect Brazilian interests international espionage, called Digital Messaging and should be operational in the first half of next year, according to blog information Tecneira. Postal employees cogitate display advertising to finance project costs.

There are still few details we have about Digital Messaging. The business plan, for example, is not ready yet. Although there is an express order of the Ministry of Communication for the product to be made ​​with particular attention to the privacy of users, the Post cogitate the possibility of displaying ads. This is how the Google finances Gmail: reading the content of messages to provide contextual advertising on the message side. The Post Office also speak in partnerships with other companies to cover service costs, but at least for now it is not clear what this means.

Another important point: the digital certification. The service email work by default with a technology able to confirm the sender’s identity. As we well know, this kind of feature usually cost you dearly – and offered to protocols of multinational companies. The Post Office said it is studying the creation of another product, under the Digital Messaging umbrella without digital certification component.

Digital Messaging is part of the Digital Mail division. Recently they launched a service remote printing which allows companies send print documents in large cities, in the post office printers, so that the subsequent delivery is faster. The service is not intended for regular users, but the government agencies that send a lot of mail. The division has 60 employees and is located at Brasilia.