Different Ways to Cut T Shirt

We all have those days, when the t-shirt’s too boring to wear and dress will be too dressy, we are trying to get around with a scarf, some accessories but nothing seem to fit right. Because the event is casual but you do not want to look totally relaxed, at the shirt is a nice option, but does not look great on you today. I have the exact solution to these style things.

These boring t shirts or they think you don’t show the “real” you no longer have to hit the bin as soon as possible. You can use them with a little cut here and there, and you would have a brand new looking top at wholesale price.

I’m sure you’ve tried different t shirt cutting ideas and cut the old t shirts and experimented with a variety of styles, so here I am for you up to 19 different types of ways to copy a t-shirt and make a new one:

1. Simply Sleeveless

A simple hack, pick up I have an old t-shirt, perhaps the one that has become a bit of a tight for you. Cut the sides of the T-shirt up all the way down and leave a 4-5 inches from the bottom. You can determine the width of the shoulder strap you want and cut accordingly. Stretch fabric does not display the cuts in order to cut unevenly.

2. Easy DIY Fashion Projects

This is my ultimate favorite. Crop tops are by far the biggest trend out there and make one of the existing tees is even easier.

Run this DIY project-idea, and if you have the sleeves of your tea, cut them off from both sides as in the picture. To make the neck more widely than a boat neck, cut neckline, she the way you want it. After the surgery, let the sides to be shorter and the face is longer. Always remember to stretch the cuts you made it look like a clever and original.


3. Do It Yourself projects-Wings

Now this is not for beginners. DIY projects such as this, it is a little bit of practice and patience too.

Get an old t-shirt, badge and a pair of scissors to make this Dragon to fly back to make a shirt for yourself. With the market pull the stencil such as these on the back of your tee shirt. If you are not too sure of drawing skills, then print the picture from the Internet and trace it out. With the possession of a pair of scissors, cut out the design, one by one. Be careful the edges because we don’t want them looking messy.


4. Solstice Crop Top DIY

If you are not quite sure about the t-shirt without tracing the line, then go ahead to make these lines in your own t-shirt. The neck, sleeves and bottom hem, just copy these from the picture above. This is a cropped top with tie is another very stylish and easy-looking cut.


5. DIY ideas on Neck Model

Another easy t-shirt surgery idea is this plus size one from Itypejob, where the neck of the yoke is a cute out gives an interesting design. Just follow the same pattern, draw the outline of the cut you want to make the neck and arms, and then to get the surgery.

Continue flicking through more t-shirt cut ideas.


6. DIY Accessories Using T-shirts

The bow back to the t-shirt is one where you can make a horizontal incision in the back of your t-shirt from one end to the other. Also cut down on some of the neck too. Then to put together this jigsaw puzzle, as well as the top and bottom and pull them together to make a big bow in the back.



7. The Belt Back

A loose t-shirt, could be one of the borrowed from your older brother and could be used for this cool T shirt cutting idea. Cut deep v-neck on the back of the T shirt. Cut a piece of fabric or other flexible material, stretch and sew them into these holes.


8. The Surgery

It is as simple as it sounds, you can mark the area and get the surgery, you can experiment with different shapes and styles, such as this one, where one is horizontal and other CEEC’s vertical both look good.


9. The Shoulder Surgery

This is one of the creative idea, which requires t shirt cutting accuracy. If gone wrong, it will ruin your efforts and a t-shirt too. Cut along the sleeves and then the shoulder, neck and sleeve. Make way too much of a gap of equal cuts does not show the aesthetic.


10. DIY Shrug

You need to do anything here, just cut a t shirt from mid front and cuts to let go of the shabby and Voila you’re done!
Use it like a shrug.


11. The Moon

As you can see, you’ll need the items above were seen, the shape of the back and sew the lace trim on the moon.


12. Back to Cut the Velcro

looks like a little twisted, but is the simplest. You just need to cut a slit in the back, so that the entire top directly displays the simple long piece. Then put Velcro on both sides, such as how it is shown in the figure. Cut down the cloth to get the angle of the back.


13. Heart-Shaped + Limited to the Top

the first part of the t-shirt surgery is, if you make an old t-shirt into a Cropped top. Then make a heart shape on the back and cut it off.


14. DIY T-Shirt Cut-Out Fashion Project

This cut-up t-shirt look a little complicated, when you see it, but with the right approach, it’s one of the most brilliant idea. You will even be able to do that, it used to be. Drawing the stencil is necessary here, because the design is a bit more complicated than the others. You could give your own creative bent or just follow a simple pattern here.


15. Slit Through

Nothing but a simple incision in the right box is the demand for the t shirt cutting design. Pick up a shirt that is loose and is the airy atmosphere, this show does not do justice to the tight or short do.


16. Heart Cut-Out

You can use tracing paper to drag to your heart’s content and then make cuts. Make sure that you are using this DIY indoor-wear contrating color t shirt cutting design.


17. Fringe DIY

Once again easily DIY like this needs you to cut the bottom of the t-shirt on the fringe. The thickness of the Fringe does not matter, but thinner on the fringe, the better they will look.


18. Interruptions

This do it yourself project needs an enormous amount of courage to use, but if you use the inner, so there is no problem. However, this T-shirt cutting idea would work best when you need to pack your beach holiday.


19. DIY Sleeve Openings

Tired of the old and plain white tea? Cut the sleeves and make it an interesting DIY project.


Let us know what you think of these T-shirt cutting models. In the comment box below.