Different Types of Winter Jackets

Long we had to wait for the winter! Now he is finally here – with all that that implies. Temperatures drop below freezing and a thin blanket of snow lies down on the city rooftops. Despite icy temperatures joy could hardly be greater over the winter. Because finally we may our winter jackets and coats bring forth from the depths of our wardrobes.

From trenchcoat over the parka through to outdoor jackets, there are countless variations for the winter.They all protect ourselves from freezing temperatures and inclement rain and let beat our fashionista’s heart beat faster. In keeping with the new millennium, we have one for you winter jackets Trendguide compiled. Here we tell you how stylish it-pieces you shall ye delighted in 2016th We hope you enjoy discovering the trends!

To dye

Fade grays dominate the winter time and all too often spread gloom. Against the monochrome monotony of winter can help only bright color accents. With cranberry red one is trendy “up-to-date” and pulls certainly all eyes on you.

However, it may not always be an explosion of colors. Winter jackets in a rich midnight blue are for fashionable understatement and cool elegance.This trend color you always meet the mark: midnight blue can be combined easily and enjoys a timeless sophistication.

Pastel pink, a touch of classic chic and sweet childhood memory. This “gentle” hue, reminiscent of cotton candy, you can distribute the gray melancholy of the cold season and bring a piece of spring memories to life.

Olive-a throwback to the Army look. This color is timelessly chic and reinterpreted again and again in the fashion world. With a winter jacket in olive green is given to color accents, without exaggerating.


The style and material mix, which accompanies us fashionable for some time, is an absolute must-have in this winter season. An unbeatable Winterduo the Combined wool and leather.

And also another fashion classics experienced this winter a renaissance in the world of fashion: The wool coat as winter jackets. Jackets and coats from these natural fibers are durable and flatter the female silhouette.Combined with boots or ankle boots, the wool coat exudes sophistication.

The Wild will this season with winter jackets faux fur. Whether as a short coat, vest or collar stocking fake fur is very soft, keeps you warm and makes for very special glam factor. This fashion piece you are always well dressed and draws attention to itself!

For every occasion there is also the right winter jacket. In our small picture gallery we tell you how best to combine the trendy overcoat season and for which occasion, which winter jacket is perfect.

Who to a gala, a cocktail reception or a dinner party is invited, which is best to consult with a classically elegant winter coat. A simple wool coat or a Raglancoat in subtle shades can be combined to any glamorous outfit. With a beautiful brooch or a fancy scarf can create eye-catching moments and gives the simple all-rounder that certain something.

For a snowball fight, to ice skating or for an extended winter walk a weatherproof outdoor or functional jacket is a must. Functional textiles are usually equipped with an impermeable membrane that keeps you warm and dry in the wind and rain. So an exuberant winter fun is outdoors no more obstacles.


Butterflies in the stomach, there is not only in the spring. Even in winter, a lot of love in the air. To a Date with or elect one might also score with his winter jacket. But with what jacket you can enchant his opposite number on the first date, without getting woolly? We tell you! She wears most a slightly-fitted quilted jacket or a figure-hugging parka that flatters their silhouette. With great gloves and a stylish hat the outfit for the first date is complete.

For him to a lined leather jacket, a casual short coat or a casual duffel coat is. With a cool jeans in used look and matching shoes of first date look in no time at all is done.

Anyone wishing to use the Sunday for training and rest after a busy weekend, for a visit to the hip trendy restaurant around the corner is a must. A casual fashion combo that combines modern elements with retro accents, is definitely the right choice. Filzjacken or trench coat from the second-hand store are particularly suitable for a relaxed Sunday brunch. Is complemented the hipster look through the mandatory jute bags and trendy sneakers.