Delicious and Google Bookmarks: Bookmarks Import

One of the best services to archive websites for future reference, Delicious is likely to wind up its activities at any time. At least that’s what Yahoo, owner of the service bookmarks free, intimates. Users Google Bookmarks have to import your bookmarks saved in from a specific tool for this type of backup.

Importing favorites Delicious is quite easy. First of all, the user must access this page, which does all the work practically alone. Simply enter the username and password Yahoo! ID – that’s how many logs on Delicious. If you do not have a login such, the old Delicious still applies.

By authorizing the importation through the Yahoo! ID, the system developed by Google accesses the information stored by Delicious and pulls all of them to Google Bookmarks. It does not take more than a few seconds for the Delicious data is sent directly to Google. After this step, the user is taken to the Google Bookmarks bookmark manager.

Privacy is something important, and happy Google makes it clear that the account information on Delicious will not be used for anything. “Your Delicious credentials will not be stored or used after this import process is completed.” In addition, the favorites saved on Delicious will not be edited or deleted.