Definition of OPA

The Royal Spanish Academy gives as a definition for the adjective as a disparaging slang in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay “fool, idiot”.

Definition of OPA

The concept of the interjection is equivalent to hop (upa in Argentina) and is used “to encourage someone to get up or lift something. Children use it especially when they want to raise them in arms”.

Add that it is also used as interjection to the greeting, in Uruguay. And lengthening vowels used in Uruguay and Argentina, when a person it is surprising a notice or a gift.

Within the scope of the right, it is an acronym for “public offering aimed at members of a quoted company in stock market by offering them the acquisition of their shares on terms and conditions”.

Synonym of opa

Idiot, idiot, calibration, mental deficient; Aupa, upa, upalala.

Antonyms of opa

Intelligent, brilliant, awake, clever, lively.

“I was completely outraged at having lost the match and accused of takeover bids to all his teammates.” Refers in this case to fool.

“When they warned the boy that would come the girl who likes to, could not fail to exclaim excited: ‘Oooopaaaa’ made me!”. In this example is used with the value of interjection of surprise and joy.

“Through the takeover bid Tycoon got finally an important participation in the capital of one of the leading companies in computing”. It applies here referring to the take-over bid.

“The baby stretched his arms and repeated with insistence: ‘ opa, mama!”. It is used in this sentence as requested so that they rise up in arms.