Decorative Wall Board for Bathroom

Whether in the kitchen, office, children’s room or the wall of a restaurant, the walls slate are always successful. It is an idea of ​​dynamic decoration that can be customized at any time and gives a touch of creativity to environments.

And all you need to know about the trend is here. The webpage met prices, materials, and instructions to inspire you to do yours. Check this article for wall clock hanging tips:

Contact paper

This is the fastest and most convenient way to apply on the wall in your project. You just need rolls of contact paper, a wet cloth and stylus.

  1. First, you must measure the wall and calculate the adhesive paper what you need. Ideally, the color is black and matte. 10 meters of the material costs about R $ 39.90.
  2. Make your wall clean and pass a damp cloth before applying the contact paper.
  3. Start up and down, cutting the strips of contact with the wall height of a few centimeters remains to finish.
  4. To prevent blisters, make the contact paper smooth with a card or damp cloth.
  5. Cut the excess with a stylus and do not forget the outlets.
  6. You can now draw on your new wall board. The method is ideal for those looking to decorate not permanently. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth or just remove the adhesive paper.

The adhesive paper may also be applied to other surfaces. It is recommended to use plastic chalk to avoid allergies.

Budget: R $ 39.90 (10 m contact paper) + R $ 2.90 (plasticized chalk box) = R $ 42.90.

Paint the walls

This is a form of decoration which last longer, but it can be more advantageous for those who have no experience in applying adhesive paper and do not want to run the risk of forming bubbles on the wall board.

There are paints ready for use in the market, such as Suvinil Enamel Green School Coralit or Matte Black. Compare prices .

In this case, it is important that the paints are matte and present a dark color, because only then the chalk appears. It notes that in any way the matte paint can be replaced by options in latex, PVA, or finishes with gloss.

You also can make your own wall through mixing matte acrylic paint with white powder which is mixed with chess, a pigment base of iron oxide used to color mortar, concrete. In this case, it is a slate wall. Choose the color of your choice and dilute the powder in the paint slowly, not to make the wrong tone. Make the mixture to cover the entire wall. And it is difficult to achieve the same tone twice.

Once you have chosen between buying the paint or make your own mix, you can follow the common painting walls. Depending on the finish, wall requires 2 to 3 coats. The surface should be dry in 72 hours. And it is only from this period that you can begin to unleash your creativity in the wall board.

Budget: This method does not have a definitive price which varies according to the paint manufacturer, supplier and the method you have chosen. Below, we have compiled some suggestions (and prices) of paint for your wall slate:

Enamel Green School, Suvinil: 3.6 L cost R $ 31.90;

Coralit Matte Black coral: 0.2 L costs R $ 16.29 | 0.9 L are budgeted at R $ 27.60 | 3.6 L reach R $ 77.80.

Black powder Chess, 250 g, in Leroy Merlin : R $ 07.90

Matte white acrylic paint: 18 L, ranging from R $ 199.00 – R $ 259.90 | 3.6 L can cost from R $ 54.60 to R $ 61.90.

According to SINAPI the manpower to paint a wall costs R $ 12.46 / m2.

The webpage also has a post explaining how much paint you need.

The applications are many. Be inspired by the post and create your wall.