Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Your home will look new and refreshed without the need to buy new accessories to decorate it. Always a good idea to put on the table or section glass vase filled with fresh citrus, flowers ,stones in the desired combination.

Decorative bottles with salt are spectacular and can be made ​​even by a child. These bottles are suitable for gift.

It takes a bottle of glass or transparent plastic, fine salt, food dyes funnel bowl painting of salt.

A small amount of salt is poured into a bowl or in a jar with water dissolve food dyes. Add a small amount of paint in the salt and stir until the color becomes uniform. So do until you get the required number of colors.

The salt of a different color is poured into separate plates to dry. To speed up the drying of salt, you can help by putting the dishes a little in the microwave. The dried salt is rubbed with a wooden mallet. See football wall stickers at a2zWallStickers.

Prepared colored salt, which fill the bottles. Using a funnel bottle is filled with different colored layers thereof. Close the bottle cap or a piece of crumpled aluminum foil.

Patchwork quilt style will change the room and will introduce an artistic and modern touch to it. You need different pieces of fabric left over from the clothes you no longer wear, or the pieces left over from sewing new clothes. You also need a thin cloth might lining that is on the underside of the bedspread.

The size of the quilt depends on your desire. There are two versions – two-color and multicolored quilt-style patchwork. If two-tone, you need pieces in two colors, must have equal numbers.

If it is multicolored, preferably has a major amount of similar pieces, and the rest may be different both in color and texture. It is better, however, are roughly the same thickness.

Connect two pieces face inwards and make a cup of the machine stitching should be at centimeter and a half back from the edge. Alternating colors, do a strip of six pieces that are joined together.

If desired, the strip may be longer or shorter. Make a few strips and smoothed seams, dividing them into two and hungry in the middle.

By helping with pins, get two strips face inward. Sew them as the seam is 15 mm from the edge. Combine all bands. Flatten the seams. Cover patchwork creation with lining from the reverse side, and hand or machine sew the edges.

Then, again by machine or by hand do the seams to split into squares arbitrary size quilt. This will keep it attached to the lining.