Decorate the Walls With The Painted House Rollers

The wallpaper has recently returned to our homes, thanks to new and original proposals (such as those gathered by Alessia) but if you have a passion for DIY and would like to give a new look to the walls of the house without resorting to paper and costs excessive, from England comes the delicious solution of the Painted House: paint rollers carved, in so many different reasons.

The idea came to Clare Bosanquet after a trip to Romania, where he bought in a flea market a series of carved rollers used for years to decorate the walls instead of wallpaper.

Clare has perfected the traditional rollers and now The Painted House it offers so many fantasies different: floral, geometric or with beautiful birds. The rollers are ideal not only to give new life to dull walls, playing with the patterns and the colors, but are also perfect for repainting furniture and fabrics. Find gift wall clocks on travelationary.

You got it right! You can create pillows, towels, scarves and anything else, decorating cloth with the reasons you prefer. Moreover the use of molds, often made of wood or clay, to paint on fabric has been very common in the West until recently and is still a living tradition in many parts of the world.

The creative possibilities are many and the available patterns allow you to create stunning combinations, for an elegant and original decor. All products of The Painted House you find them here .