Decorate Room with White Walls

Life is a constant change, and what the house look like is a reflection of ourselves. Life changes everything. Just this month, I changed the bed twice. All the walls of the room had a taste and I haven’t decided where I should leave it.

This time I moved my dresser, which was in the hall. Yes, a dresser in the hall! After we did the family organization station and commented on home, I found the environment a bit dark because there was mahogany furniture. As I dragged all out of my room even, I tried to change my room. I got home from work and my mom, who was also bitten by the bug of change, had bee caught by the dresser “borrowed” from my room. And didn’t it work?

This is the new vision for the person who enters the house and goes towards the rooms. A visual, clean and cheerful vision. For now, my clothes are still occupying the whole space, but winter is coming. It’s time to clean up and donate them to people in need. Soon, the bedding may be moved to the drawers. Read this article for animal wall clocks.

As for decoration, use the bright printed letters, which have not yet had a definitive place. The vase is really old and it has been in my room for years, but it looks like that it was made to be with the letters, doesn’t it?

The frames was also doc, but I discovered that there is no spray paint which won’t fix! After painting in white, chose an illustration of the talented Dawn Nicole with the phrase “be bold, be brave, be you”, a daily battle since I decided to write this blog without a second of repentance. If you like this kind of art, she provides a new image for printing every week.

And how cute the vintage handles of this dresser are? I’ve been with it for years and no problem. Each two-dot knobs correspond with one drawer, so they all have enough depth. If you want to give a vintage sense to your house too, you can search the relative blogs.

For you to understand exactly where is this corner and see that it’s not as big as it looks, just looking from another angle.

Creativity without fear, try at home and tell me the result! Share your experiences in the comments and I’d love to see all the transformations!

A kiss and good weekend!

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