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Declare to Google Guilty of Violating Copyright of Java

Declare to Google Guilty of Violating Copyright of Java
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The jury that carries the famous case of Google and Oracle for Java use in Android has today given a partial verdict: they have been declared to Google guilty of violating copyright of Oracle using Java, but for now Google APIs you won’t have to pay any compensation to Oracle.

There are still questions that the members of the jury have to answer, still have not clear if Google would have to pay Oracle or not by the use of Java, fail to agree on whether Google had made a “ fair use ” Java System, It would make that their use would be permissible and that it did not have to pay.

The jury is to blame that does not get agreement statements by the former CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz, who hinted that Google did not have to pay or make use of licenses to use the Java APIs.

Where do not have doubts the jurors is to declare Google guilty of violating copyright of 37 Java APIs available on Android, but as yet they have not clear if these APIs are of free use or not Google get rid of paying for now, will have to continue waiting for the jury to decide what.

Google will try to convince as you can to the jury that the Java APIs are free to avoid having to indemnify or pay for licenses to Oracle. If you can’t get it already has said he will try that the trial be declared null.

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