DBpower: 3-In-1-Photo Lens For Android Smartphones In The Test

DBpower 3-In-1-Photo Lens For Android Smartphones In The Test-1

What is a not even ten euro expensive 3-in-1-photo lens Kit for Android smartphones? CURVED has tried out the model by threergroup, and recorded macro, wide angle and fisheye photos with him.

Mounting lenses such as the Olloclip gain new perspectives Smartphone photographer and bring me personally a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there is the Olloclip only for the iPhone and the lens Kit is not exactly cheap with a non-binding price of 80 euros. I would have but also with my private Android Smartphone on Fisheye -, wide angle and macro lenses. I am struck at Amazon. The 3-in-1 set of DBPower since not even ten euros and fits with its clamp on almost all smartphones. I had to try this out.

Fits On Every Smartphone

The price of just 8 euros is of course extremely cheap and so although I was pleased about a tote bag for transport, but was not particularly disappointed about not just high-quality processing. When the lens Kit, especially the used metal feels cheap and the threads are not perfect, do not tilt but and the individual lenses can be easily and unscrew the back.

The lenses are quickly about the camera on the back and also about the Selfie camera fastened to the Terminal. However they sit on the first attempt almost never perfectly, so I must adjust them with the camera, to keep the black corners. For spontaneous snapshots the set of DBPower is less, because you need time alone and a moment for a usable image. On holiday with two children that is rarely the case, and so I gave in the summer holidays but mostly on the lenses. Unfortunately, you can not permanently on your Smartphone the lenses. At the latest in the Pocket it, why it must be enough for the Smartphone to the terminal but only once large slip.

DBpower 3-In-1-Photo Lens For Android Smartphones In The Test-2

I’ve tried the lens with the nexus 4 and the LG G3 and even in the Smartphone with 5.5-inch display, and a camera sitting in the middle of the back, I was able to position the lens above the lens. However, the clamp blocks always a part of the touch screen and with bad luck also a button on the side of the housing. When taking pictures I can get over that, but permanently that heavily restricts the use of smartphones.

New Angle Of View To The Detriment Of The Quality

The lenses provide a wide angle and a fish-eye effect as promised and allow to go’s macro shots very close to your subject closer. However, the manufacturer relies on low-quality glass, so that in addition to the black corners, also the image quality decreases and the Smartphone camera especially at the image edges having trouble focusing. The lenses seem to be not also coated so that rays of the Sun or other light sources often by distracting reflections become apparent.

DBpower 3-In-1-Photo Lens For Android Smartphones In The Test-3

The macro lens is also by a very short depth of field. He is so tight that already, tap the display can provide a picture for it, that the chosen subject is out of focus.

Cheap Gadget

The 3-in-1-photo lens Kit by DBPower is not only price, but also far from the Olloclip in terms of quality and user comfort. But if you have an Android Smartphone, must be ready in this area to make compromises. I have not yet discovered a high-quality alternative to the Olloclip, which stands not only for one or two selected models available. I am now in place, to be able to make wide angle and macro photos. The low price makes the disadvantages of the image quality and the use of get over me.