Cuffs, Bracelets That are the Trend of the Moment

You must be wondering what after all are cuffs? How to use them? And because they are the darlings of the moment? Discover!

The meaning of cuff is cuff, but translating for fashion bracelets are structured to give a cool air to the visual. You who joined the pulseirismo (see more here), and used for months several bracelets together, now is the time to join the new bet from the moment the cuff bracelets or better the cuffs.

The reference of this new trend comes from a long time, the Egyptians were already using cuffs as a form of adornment. As seen on the image, on the cover of the Sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, as well as the rest of the work, the cuff is encrusted with enamel and precious stones, which adds also the idea of power.

Wonder woman, the superhero was created to be powerful. She has two indestructible bracelets, one on each wrist to protect yourself from bullets and intimidate their enemies. According to your Creator, it was created to be a synonym of strong womanhood, with freedom and courage and mainly to combat the idea of weaker sex according to

Diana Vreeland, columnist and publisher of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and the socialite Millicent Rogers marked the history of fashion and jewelry with their cuffs. And here in Brazil in the novel Salve Jorge, Giovanna Antonelli in your global character Deputy Bassam and Claudia Raia as the villainous Livia popularized the use of cuffs.

Now that you know all about cuffs Valley combine them with some elements that give a up to the visual as clutches, (wallet) and high heels. Ialso nvista in three-fourths sleeve blouses, shirts and long dresses, is a charm!

Bracelet Chaos: invest in natural stones.
Pinwheel Bracelet: Combine leather with silver!
Thin bracelets Square Wire and round wire Black: for those who like to be discreet!
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