Creative Ideas for Home Decoration


  1. Creative decor and different objects for kitchen
  2. Creative decor and different objects for living room
  3. Creative decor and different objects for room

Decorating house involves a very open-minded and a constant search for good objects. In case you haven’t visited shops of decoration, have a try. Good products can be found in shops and they can inspire your creativity. The following are some tips to help decorate your home differently.


Baking sheets with pictures had gone with the time when roasters had only a cable and nothing more. Today we have drawings of eggs and even with Portuguese tiles in the back. Hanging is a good hint of decoration with a very low cost. Some items only cost less than $ 30. Also see retro wall clocks large.

Thematic mugs – a small shelf and an exhibition of your favorite mugs is all you need to make a different cuisine. Some models are very nice. For example, some thermal mugs, which you can paint colors by yourself, can change color according to the temperature of the liquid.

Pots of kitty -condiment jar is a way to create a nice decor in your kitchen. Buy a small shelf and select some items to decorate with themes. But only choosing patterned pots if the wall is smooth in case overload the vision.


Fun cushions – upholstered cushions in dark colors or a single color or prints with funny patterns help create a playful atmosphere. Have you seen the Instagram pads or got a little help from Facebook? Choose prints that complement your style and make your living room unique and fancy.

Striped carpets – only good if your room decor is color. If you have prints on the ground, then you need upholstered furniture and neutral walls, or it will be too conspicuous. If it is the case, you can solve it with stripes, balls and even prints with flowers to add originality to your living room. It is beautiful and interesting.


Luminaires in different formats – Luminaires are essential items on the bedside table and they can make a difference in the decoration of a room. They are recommended to those who have very large space and miss something different in their bedside table decoration.

Mural of photo montage -it works well if you have creativity to take funny pictures and hang them and other different items on the wall in your decor. Choose funny photos to make the environment more lively and relaxing.

Creative decor and different objects: how to do step by step

How about creating some things only by using what you have at home? Some tips are:

  • Cookie jars with pet bottles– cut the bottle in half, paint, wait to dry and wash. The cover will be the top of your bottle, and properly decorate to serve as exhibition.
  • Luminaires with vegetable grater-paint the graters and remove the top handle. The holes serve straight to let the light pass. It is a good idea to put some candles because they can prevent the wind from passing so easily.
  • Jars of wine bottle-wash the bottles, remove the label and paint the glass to use as a vase for beautiful flowers. It is one of the cheapest pitchers you’ve ever seen in my life and here is a hint: choose the glass bottle by the color of the bottle. Besides, colored juice bottles which are sold in the supermarket can also make your decorating even more interesting.

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