Controversy: How To Use White Shoes?

One of the favorite answers to the question: “what you would never use?”. Because the white shoes follow insistently emerging on the catwalks and in looks of street style. For those who are willing to try and agree that fashion should be fun, challenging and a form of expression, here are some ideas to test the tendency controversy.

Easy level: white sneakers would fall under the common place and showing no signs of fatigue, then follow by using your.

Works for both break the romanticism of pleated skirt (above), how to bring an air of modernity to look urban sports:

Male models, as moccasin, are also a smart way to try. The Oxford model also enters this wheel:

Mixed with other tones, such as metallic or in classic black, are getting easier to “Digest” and risk:

Have you thought about the look of the new year’s Eve? If keep unfailing white, monochromatic combination and test Valley play in white from head to toe:

White sandals or in materials such as income are Summer’s face and help lend lightness to the composition. Look at how the income espadrille complements the dress.

Average level: the iconic pumps it this season have vibe “´ 80 ‘s” with thicker and deep neckline.

Hard level: To the already initiated, the notorious white boots? Yes, they are also affixed to 2107.

Combined with fuseau and bomber in the styling of the Zara:

More relax and with wooden heel in Chloe: